About me (First post!)

(Just a note: this is exactly the same as the content on about.)

So your probably wondering, why am I – like the millions out there – creating a blog? What distinguishes me from everyone else? Why should you read my blog instead of someone else’s?

Well you see, I don’t have an answer to those questions, expect for the first. So, why am I creating a blog? One of my 3 passions is writing. Writing sends me to a lovely place, a romantic cloud land filled with fluffy pillows and an endless supply of foam wrapped words. The world around me dissolves into a fine powder that I can barely make out from my high view amongst the stars. That’s why I want to start a blog, I love writing – whether as an escape or as a tool – and the idea that even maybe one person could read what I right and maybe even take something small or big from it amazes me.

So before I go into a little bio so you can get a little bit of an idea about me let me explain what exactly I’ll be posting: mostly random thoughts that just pop out out of nowhere, or funny little stories about my day, or maybe even a serious snippet of my inexhaustibly insignificant life. It may be insignificant but maybe you – like I have – will learn something new, or maybe just smile and laugh at how stupid my posts are. Whatever you take from whatever I will write is none of my business. I just hope you read with an open mind. I beg of you not to dismiss me before I’ve even gotten started; you might miss out on something great!

Okay now a little about me:

I’m a bisexual guy, 15 going on 16. Birthday’s on the 19th of October, born in the year 1997. I’m quite introverted at times, but when I want to I can express my opinions infront of a small crowd, (anything more then 5 scares the hell out of me.) This will also be a major part of my blog; tackling my shyness and my quickness to judge that people are judging me. I have three passions in life, you already know one but the other two are: talking to people and reading.

I love listening and sharing my ideas with people, its almost exactly like reading and writing in that regard. Just the notion of exploring another authors world chills my soul, and actually reading it?; feels like a blissful escape. I’m sure the readers out there would understand.

So that’s enough about me. I hope you’ve found something that you can learn or connect with. I should hopefully post again soon, until then, bye!


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