What email and in extension the Internet does to us

Emailing stands with the tools that can shape our mind through its use. Other examples of tools are: books, watches and the internet. For the people who were around for the advent of the internet, or for those who picked it up later in their lives, the internet is a tool for fast paced learning, and a world of shallow understanding. It is much harder to deeply read information on the internet, we mostly just skim it over and for just a few minutes it stays in our heads then promptly makes its leave. The internet is the distraction tool, I’ve noticed lately that with my increasing use of the internet and even more so the portable mobile phone, I’ve found that constantly checking everything, emails, texts, facebook etc., has destroyed my ability to concentrate. I used to be able to sit down with a good book and fall into a trance, only waking hours after finishing it. Now every 10 minutes my brain says to me “Hey check your phone,” and my concentration is broken, deeply reading anything is an impossibility now. The calmness and love that has come from reading has escaped me, and I really want it back.

And so emailing, a tool for distraction, has put a stall on face to face communication, spawning an era of social awkward kids and teens. It’s not just email, though, mobile phones and other instant communication tools can also be to blame. I can’t fully go and claim that this is true; I have no data to prove it. But I think it does make logical sense though.

We aren’t born with an inherent ability to socialise. I do agree that people are born with a disposition to it but most, if not all social skills are developed.  They say 80% of what we are saying comes from body language, by boxing kids and teens into technology and email we leave them without the adequate social skills to face reality. I highly believe that social awkwardness and shyness are in the rise due to email.  With its ease of access and use and the social isolation that comes from not using it, how can teens afford not to use the tool?

I would like to challenge you today. I challenge you for a week to turn off you your notifications on your phone for a month, or a week, whatever feels comfortable. Set a time to check your emails, your facebook, etc. Turn off notifications for texts as well. I advise you to allow calls though, because they may be important. After I while it should become easier to focus on things, to stop procrastinating.


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